Trudi Drake, who graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado at Boulder, studied under numerous fine arts instructors. Her Masterís degree from Arizona State University, Tempe, in English and poetry further informs her approach to art. Trudi studied under Rita Dove who won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry during the same year she was Trudiís Thesis Chairperson.

Using found objects, mixed media, and water media splatter techniques, Trudi starts from chaotic, overlapping, multiple images, applying disorderly lines, meaninglessness shapes, and found objects such as drift wood, tools, beads, rocks, debris or other shapes that suggest themselves but at the same time become other than what they seem. Then through careful color application and design choices, Trudi attempts to coax meaning out of the ambiguity.

Born in Boulder, Trudi grew up in the Colorado Rockies surrounded by some of the most breathtaking nature on earth: horses, fish, mountains, the Flatirons, clouds, water, rain, sun, coyotes, bear, elk, deer, moose and mountain lions.

Now she lives in Phoenix, Arizona, surrounded by the austere and self-sufficient beauty of the desert. All of this natural beauty and the inherent tumultuous interplay of light and darkness, life, death and rebirth in Phoenix, the city named after rebirth itself, contribute to the images in her art.

Out of this chaos, metaphorical images begin to emerge that donít conform to any known reality, yet resound with possibilities. Is it a wolf, a tree, rain, a tool, a fish, sperm or an eyeball? Or some combination thereof?

The juxtaposition of these unanswerable questions within the art images encapsulates energy - energy of design interplay and energy of thought stimulation Ė all dependent upon the viewerís own interaction and endless interpretation and reinterpretation of the work.

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